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BioFlex 2 in 1 Professional System

The BioFlex® 2 in 1 Professional System provides the advantages of the Professional System with the additional capability of operating two arrays or probes simultaneously, permitting clinicians to treat more patients and/or multiple pathologies concurrently.

BioFlex Laser ProbesBioFlex Laser Probes

BioFlex Laser Probes

The Red Laser Probe (660 nm) is a highly recommended component that can be used with all BioFlex Systems in conjunction with the other arrays and probes. This instrument effectively targets superficial nociceptors, reducing the sensation of pain and increasing arterial perfusion. The Red Laser Probe has many additional therapeutic benefits and is particularly effective in patients suffering from superficial pathologies and those who have plateaued in the course of their regular treatment.

The Infrared Laser Probe (825 nm) is the main component provided with all BioFlex Professional Systems and in many cases is the integral aspect of the therapeutic approach. An infinite range of protocol settings permit treatment at both superficial and deeper levels.

BioFlex Professional System

The BioFlex® Professional System provides the most effective medical solution for an extensive number of clinical pathologies. These include musculoskeletal problems, sports and soft tissue injuries, spinal conditions, arthritis, wound healing and dermatological diseases.



The GigaLaser is the largest laser that PowerMedic offers and is among the largest lasers in the world.

The GigaLaser is used for treatment of larger areas of the body, such as the back, neck, hip, or leg.

The screen is divided into three sections that can be adjusted individually and adapted to the treatment of, for instance, a knee, shoulder area, or face.