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A Visum Light for Medical

Package includes:
Visum Light
AC Adapter Plug
USB Cable
Cleaning Cloth
User Manual
Quick-Start Guide
Storage/Carry Box
Silicon Storage Tray
30-minute Q&A with a Visum Light Specialist


AAH Blue Light w/Charger

Blue light is called the “Great Antiseptic” and offer topical bacterial and fungal eradication. Blue LED lights also offer a cooling effect, think of it as “Ice in a Light”. Blue is also the color of the Throat Chakra, therefore being beneficial for all throat and thyroid issues.

AAH Green Light w/Charger

The AAH Green Light offers a sedative effect and governs the Heart Chakra.  The primary purpose of the AAH Green Light is to bring into balance the organs and systems in the body.


This light has set the industry standard for hand-held PBM lights with three healing settings! This light includes a USB battery charger.

BioFlex 2 in 1 Professional System

The BioFlex® 2 in 1 Professional System provides the advantages of the Professional System with the additional capability of operating two arrays or probes simultaneously, permitting clinicians to treat more patients and/or multiple pathologies concurrently.

BioFlex DualPortBioFlex DualPort

BioFlex DualPort

This system features two ports enabling the utilization of two arrays or probes simultaneously. It also features new and improved software and other functions integral to the operation of the MultiPort Systems. Unlimited clinical and technical support is available 24/7.


BioFlex DUO + CU

The DUO+ is a large surface, superluminous diode array with an innovative design – the distillation of many years of research, development and clinical application. It incorporates both red and infrared light sources in a single array and permits sequential application of red and infrared radiation.

BioFlex DUO+ and Controller Unit

The controller unit comes preprogrammed with a library of over 350 scientifically and clinically based protocols. It is light-weight, fully customizable and can be utilized with all  BioFlex® System arrays and probes.

BioFlex DUO+ Array

The DUO+ is a large surface array integrating superluminous diodes, unique in design. It features both Red and Infrared light sources in a single diode and permits sequential application. This reduces the number of placements required throughout a treatment by over 50% – an ideal solution for both high volume clinics and mobile therapists. The DUO+ is offered in two sizes to accommodate the dimensions of various anatomical areas.

BioFlex Laser ProbesBioFlex Laser Probes

BioFlex Laser Probes

The Red Laser Probe (660 nm) is a highly recommended component that can be used with all BioFlex Systems in conjunction with the other arrays and probes. This instrument effectively targets superficial nociceptors, reducing the sensation of pain and increasing arterial perfusion. The Red Laser Probe has many additional therapeutic benefits and is particularly effective in patients suffering from superficial pathologies and those who have plateaued in the course of their regular treatment.

The Infrared Laser Probe (825 nm) is the main component provided with all BioFlex Professional Systems and in many cases is the integral aspect of the therapeutic approach. An infinite range of protocol settings permit treatment at both superficial and deeper levels.

BioFlex Mobile Professional system

The BioFlex® Mobile Professional system offers all the advantages of the BioFlex® Professional System in a compact and portable model. This system features a laptop installed with the BioFlex® Practitioner Software.

BioFlex MultiPort

The BioFlex MultiPort can operate up to four treatment arrays or laser probes simultaneously. It features an intuitive touchscreen with a highly sophisticated and comprehensive aesthetic profile. Continuous monitoring is displayed on all four screens throughout the entire treatment. The BioFlex MultiPort is the most advanced device available globally at this time.

BioFlex Practitioner+ SoftwareBioFlex Practitioner+ Software

BioFlex Practitioner+ Software

Since the integration of the most updated version in Microsoft software, the intuitive and easy to use interface enables high volume clinics to manage patient flow efficiently. This is an extension of our previous versions, with expanded capabilities designed to meet the evolving needs of both clinicians and patients.

Meditech is always on the cusp of innovation in providing precise and effective therapy. All systems are manufactured in Canada, incorporate only high quality components and strive to meet regulatory demands worldwide.

BioFlex Professional System

The BioFlex® Professional System provides the most effective medical solution for an extensive number of clinical pathologies. These include musculoskeletal problems, sports and soft tissue injuries, spinal conditions, arthritis, wound healing and dermatological diseases.


BioFlex Professional Therapy System

The BioFlex Personal Therapy System is a premium light therapy system, a derivative product of the internationally renowned BioFlex Series of Laser Therapy Devices. The latter are currently utilized by a growing number of physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and dentists on a global basis.