CareWear® Wearable Light Patch, Medium Butterfly, Box of 10


CareWear Medium Butterfly Light Patches are ideal for treating pain, relieving stiffness in muscles and joints, and accelerating recovery from exercise and soft tissue injury – Just “Stick, Click, and Go.”

With up to 3500+ LEDs per Light Patch, CareWear Light patches use a flexible ultra-thin multi-laminate structure with light-guiding adhesive hydrogel. The entire thickness is less than .04 inches (1mm), allowing easy conformance to body contours. Ideal for treatment of the neck, shoulder, trapezius and upper and lower extremity muscles.

CareWear’s Box of 10 Medium Butterfly Light Patches can be used for up to 200 treatments (20 per patch). Each Light Patch is designed to maximize movement without restriction. CareWear Light Patches can be mixed and matched or nested together for customized body coverage.  Also available by the case (10 boxes).



4 1⁄8“ (10.5cm) length

2 1⁄8“ (5.2cm) to 3 1⁄8“ (7.9cm)

Treatment Area: 34 cm2


Blue – 450nm

Red – 640nm

Power Output: 85 mW

Irradiance: 2.5 mW/cm2 average 7.5 mW/cm2 Peak

Fluence: 4.5 J/cm2 – 30 minute treatment

Energy: 153J – 30 minute treatment